“Let me just say I have never seen such a safe and effective teether! This may be one of the best products I have for my son! I never again have to worry about what he is absorbing in his mouth or wonder if it is safe or not – at least not while he is using the RiNGLEY teether!” Marissa Oach

“The design is so smart, because it’s really easy for a young baby to grab onto and hold! Natalie is barely 4 months old, so she has trouble holding onto certain teething toys. But she can easily grab and hold the RiNGLEY, and she loves to gnaw on both the wood and the cloth.” Ashley Veater

“By far, I can tell you that our RiNGLEY is the best thing that we have gotten since my daughter started teething. We have tried the cold gel filled teether rings, washcloths, and even ice chips in a mesh feeder but nothing would do for her gums except Mama and Daddy’s fingers. That was until she got her hands on the RiNGLEY.” Margaret Chind

“At about 3.5 months, when my daughter was happy to grasp at things and learn to put them in her mouth, I gave her the RiNGLEY. I was happy it was organic and wood (and Canadian!) but was a little worried she wouldn’t like the texture or the colour, since it wasn’t bright like other teething toys. I was very wrong. Then, and now, at 5.5 months, she loves it. She sees it and gets excited (it really is quite cute!) She grabs it, plays with it, shoves parts of it in her mouth. We call it RiNGLEY (not original, but we name most little toys and she loves it enough to deserve to be a proper name and now my son has taken to asking if she needs ‘Ringley’ to make her happy etc.” Rebecca

“He really LOVES it and it’s often the only thing that can settle him in the middle of the night.” Teri Theuriet

“Aside from my finger and a random corners of our furniture, the only thing that temporarily relieved my teething babes’ sore gums was a frozen wet washcloth. So leave it to a fellow mom to create a teething toy with just that very thing attached.” Cool Mom Picks (