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Natural Teething Toys from Ambleside Media on Vimeo.

About RiNGLEY:

All RiNGLEY products are made with two effective teething tools: untreated Maple wood—renowned for its antibacterial properties and for being one of the strongest and safest types of wood for children to suck on—and 100 percent organic cotton terrycloth.

RiNGLEY is an award-winning international success story—distributing its premiere all-natural teethers and teething toys to more than a dozen countries around the globe. Still, the products have remained as natural and safe as always!

Having won accolades for its original products: RiNGLEY straight, knotted, junior and sun, RiNGLEY launched the adorable ZooLEY line in 2011. This new line of soothing teething toys was inspired by nature and the animals all kids love. The line includes a playful monkey, elephant, and turtle.

Babies are instantly drawn to RiNGLEY products because of the warm graspable shapes and soothing textures. Newer styles of RiNGLEY teethers are made with Velcro, meaning parents can detach the terry cloth and throw it in the washing machine. All RiNGLEY products are BPA-free and contain no PVC or parabens.

Parents now realize that the things babies put in their mouths can be harmful. We’re all taking time to read labels and educate ourselves about what we’re exposing our kids to. With RiNGLEY, parents don’t have to worry about any of that. Our teethers are completely natural, safe, and comforting. Plus, with our new ZooLEY line, you’ll find your kids playing with their favourite animals long after all their teeth have come in!”

About Juliane, Owner of RiNGLEY natural teething toys and founder of Momma Goose Products Ltd:

Momma Goose Products, Ltd. was established in 2010 by Juliane, a mom of 3 youngsters. For a ‘Momma Goose’ like me, I wanted my little ones to be cared for naturally.  Initially, I found it difficult to find products that I could trust to be completely safe, effective and truly natural for my little ones. After much research, I started making, and importing, all natural products for my own use. As my babies grew and our family grew, I realized that there was a void in access to these quality natural products in North America. When an opportunity for new beginnings presented itself by way of a geographical move for our family, I sold my previous business and embarked on a mission to provide natural products to other moms who want what I wanted for my children … Momma Goose Products Ltd was born! Since then, we have had the opportunity to grow our line to include the wonderful addition of RiNGLEY