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How do I wash my RiNGLEY?
Please hand wash RiNGLEY knotted and straight and hang to dry. RiNGLEY junior, ball, sun, elephant, turtle and monkey are machine washable. Just remove the wood ring prior to washing. You can use any type of soap that you feel comfortable with. We recommend a natural soap free from chemicals.

What is the difference between the different syles of RiNGLEY?
It is really a personal preference. All RiNGLEY’s provide a combination of different textures of wood and cloth. The RiNGLEY ball and the ZooLEY animals have a gentle rattle inside. All RiNGLEY styles except straight and knotted are machine washable. The cloth is attached to the wooden ring with velcro. Just remove the wooden ring prior to washing. RiNGLEY straight and knotted are hand wash only.

Is it safe for my child to chew on wood?

Yes. Each RiNGLEY ring is made with care. Maple is one of the strongest types of wood and because it has been left untreated is naturally anti-bacterial. Like all toys it is recommended you supervise your child while this toy is being used. Dispose of ring if damaged. All RiNGLEY products exceed North American and European saftey standards. They are ASTM, CPSIA and CE tested.

Where are RiNGLEY products made?
The original RiNGLEY styles knotted, straight, junior, ball and sun are all made in Canada. The Maple wooden rings for these RiNGLEY products are made with North America Maple trees.  The ZooLEY animals (monkey, turtle and elephant) are made responsible in China. For the ZooLEY animals the Beech wood (for the new stock 2014) is from Germany.   Each wooden ring goes through over 10 processes, including hand sanding, to ensure they are smooth and safe for babies mouths.  For the products made outside of North America we spent time sourcing  ethical factories and having fabric custom made for RiNGLEY.

What if I want to sell RiNGLEY in my retail store but we aren’t located in Canada or the USA?
If you are a retailer interested in selling RiNGLEY outside of Canada and the USA please write to

I purchased a ZooLEY animal and the Velcro isn’t sticking properly.  Can you help?  

Yes!  We stand 100% behind our products and their quality.  We have recently seen a few reviews online suggesting that some of the Velcro attachments haven’t been holding like expected.  Please let us know if this has been an issue for you.  We appriciate all feedback and can assure you the new batch of animals come with a bigger velcro section.

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